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Python mysql error message

この記事 では Python3 で MySQL に接続する方法、 エラー処理( 例外処理) 、 サンプルによる CRUD( ※ ) 、 PHPer向け. org/ pypi/ er= # # # #, passwd= # # # #, db= # # # # ) curs= conn. cursor( ) try: curs. execute( sql) conn. commit( ) except MySQLdb. Error as e: conn. rollback( ) # rollback transaction here if e[ 0]! = # # # : raise finally: curs. IntegrityError, e: # handle a specific error condition except MySQLdb. Error, e: # handle a. first you should turn on warnings to treat as exceptions, and only then you can catch them. see standard " warnings" module for details. up vote 1 down vote. I' ve ran your code from read_ db_ config and everything it` s okay. I think that the problem is the path of the config file.

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    Error mysql message

    If you just from the root path of your application, I mean: - root_ dir - parser. teracting with a database is an error prone process, so we must always implement some mechanism to handle errors gracefully. MySQLdb has MySQLdb. Error exception, a top level exception that can be used to catch all. According to the Python DB- API errors are indicated by raising exceptions. There is one top- level exception for the DB package that is used to catch all database exceptions raised by that module. In general this package is ' module. Any exception in Python has an args member that shows you how it was constructed. For example: > > > e = Exception( 1, 2, 3, 4) > > > e. args ( 1, 2, 3, 4).

    For pymysql, they' re always constructed with ( errno, errorvalue). This page provides Python code examples for MySQLdb. First point: you have too much code in your try/ except block. Better to use distinct try/ except blocks when you have two statements ( or two groups of statements) that may raise different errors: try: try: curs. execute( sql) # NB : itializing the exception supports a few optional arguments, namely msg, errno, values and sqlstate. All of them are optional and default to None. Error is internally used by Connector/ Python to raise MySQL client and server errors.