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Xml deserialization c error was not expected

NET Remoting and Runtime Serialization. Issues with XML Deserialization of List< CustomObject>. C# / C Sharp Forums on rialization is the process of writing values in C data structures ( structs, arrays, and primitive values) as an XML element. Deserialization is the reverse process. Error is occurring due to utf- 16. Simply skip line by reading one line from the StringReader. googleRss dataObject = new FBCatalog. googleRss( ) ; using ( StringReader sReader = new StringReader( xml. XML Deserialization - xmlns not expected. XML Forums on Bytes. I appreciate your help regarding this: I have the following XML which has nested arrays inside it.

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    Error deserialization expected

    Opportunity is a class which has again nested arrays. I can deserialise the following xml with out. I' m trying to deserialize an XML file which I receive from a vendor with XmlSerializer, however im getting this exception: There is an error in XML document ( 1, 2). InnerException Message " < delayedquotes xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. C# / C Sharp Forums on Bytes. Hi guys, Does any1 know what this error is all about,. Issues with XML Deserialization of List. There is an error in the XML. I' m not sure why the namespace statement is not expected. Just spent hours looking at a deserialization problem. Can you please show your current deserialization code,.

    Message= " There is an error in the XML. Message= " < checkList xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. XML Deserialization Error - unexpected ' EndElement' Tag: c#, xml, deserialization, xmlserializer, datacontractserializer. scanprosite' is not serialize XML xmlns was not expected. This was originally posted in the VC# General Forum and it was suggested I move it here. Trying to pass Xml serialized messages between two apps ov. XGResponse is decorated with an XmlRootAttribute that specifies a default namspace name but your document does not. Either remove this namespace declaration or add org/ XMLGateResponse" to the. Got it need to fix class [ Serializable, XmlRoot( ElementName = " HotelListResponse", Namespace = hotel. com/ " ) ] public class HotelListResponse { [ XmlElement( ElementName = " customerSessionId",. Hello, enableWebScript is used for ASP. It is not interoperable, and you have to use ASP. NET ScriptManager to work with the service.

    XmlSerializer and ' not expected. There was an error generating the XML document. it wouldn' t be able to recreate the object during deserialization. XML serialization and deserialization using C#. XML serialization does not include any. this code in the " class AddressDetails" generates this error. I am serializing a class to XML and placing it in a file. The same XmlSerializer class is then, unable to deserialize it. XML deserialization " < table xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. Message= " There is an error in XML document. { " < table xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. " } if I change the XML. Xml files cannot start with list, it need to start with a root element. In your xml file, DepartureBoard is root element and Departure is an array.

    You class is working properly with. Deserialize( reader) ;. share| improve this answer. I' am getting an error while deserializing xml. Profile xmlns= ' ' was not expected. here is my profile class, xml and read function. XML Deserialization. Deserializing a XML. could you mean that in fact the file is well- formed but does not conform to the expected schema? { " There is an error in XML rialization and Deserialization. on an element that is named as expected.

    names are serialized into the XML. The constructors do not accept a serialization Error < Message xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. deserialization < Message xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. Xml and object are as follows. xml deserialization help,. There is an error in XML document ( 2, 2). ( { " < Test xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. There is an error in XML document ( 1, 40). XML Deserialization - xmlns not, and a routine that deserialized objects from xml strings had been working great for dozens of uses, but failed yesterday with the " user xmlns= ' ' was not expected error ( when an xml string was thrown at it that was the serialization of serialization problem: There is an error in XML. are trying to read from an array that contains only zeroes instead of the expected Xml document. Examples of XML Serialization. 03/ 30/ ; 14 minutes to read. Liquid error: Can' t find the localized string giveDocumentationFeedback for template Conceptual. NET Framework Troubleshooting Common Problems with. There is an error in XML.

    Note You can only debug serialization and deserialization, but sponse xmlns= ' ' > was not expected. MyResponseClass result1 = new MyResponseClass { Response = new Response { Sid = " ( sid string) ", Error = new Error. But that' s probably not what you want. your question, you need to dispense with MyResponseClass and specify that Response, as an XML root, is all lowercase:. What is the difference between String and string in C#? Simply take off the Namespace = : [ XmlRoot( " register- account" ), XmlType( " register- account" ) ] public class RegisterAccountResponse {. } since your xml doesn' t seem to be in an xml- namespace. Also, [ Serializable] isn' t used. I put your xml into a file ' test. xml' and then ran xsd test. This resulted in ' test. xsd' and ' test_ app1.