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Excel vba runtime error 1004 the macro cannot be found

The issue may be because you' re not opening the workbook. The key to this though, would be to make sure that the objects are released after the code is executed; that way, the file isn' t " locked" by your powerpoint file or extra. Perhaps your code is behind Sheet1, so when you change the focus to Sheet2 the objects cannot be found? When I disabled the protection on the worksheet, the macro worked fine. it seems VBA doesn' t like locked cells even if they are not used by. You may receive a " Run- time error 1004" error message when you programmatically set a large array string to a range in Excel. I am trying to call a sub on a different worksheet but I got a run time error message. You can' t assign macro to button to a member of a class module either. I had the same problem as OP and found was due to the options declaration being misspelled:. The most probable reason for this error is that the security feature in Excel VBA that would not allow the VBA. Error 1004 after restart: macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled. Thanks for the reply Siddharth, but the worksheet is not password protected. This error occur if The Microsoft Visual Basic Applications copies and pastes whole row in an Excel workbook or this error may be. copies and pastes a range of 2, 516 rows or more rows in an Excel workbook at this cases runtime error 1004 occurs.

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    Excel error runtime

    Here is info I found about your situation, I hope it is helpful. Well, I think I found the answer, or at least an answer that works for my project. I went back to the workbooks. open( user- selected FILE) from earlier in the macro, and discovered it was reading it as. I got it to happen on my system too, and after playing around with security settings and code location, I can' t find what the problem is. However, opening the file, running the macro, and closing the file makes it work fine. I am tryingto run a macro existing in another workbook opened by a variable, I am using the following code to try and get it to work but i get Run- time error ' 1004' : Cannot run the macro " Test 5. will cause the event code to execute again! Please see this page, look for the section " Preventing Event Loops". If has other info that is worth reading. So adding code similar this: Private Sub. FName = Dir( Folder & " *.

    FName is only the file name, not the full path. Your code will work if Folder happens to be the current directory, but will likely fail if it isn' t. Instead of this: Set bk = Workbooks.