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Replace is not a function error in javascript

Maybe you have some other code somewhere that automatically converts thisbill_ str to a Number? You can convert back to a string using. QuantoFalta é produto de uma operação matemática, logo não é uma String. Utilize toString para transformá- la:. My guess is that the code that' s calling your trim function is not actually passing a string to it. However, if you call your functoin with something non- string, you will indeed get the error above:. use toString( ) Method of java script for the convert into string before because replace method is a string function. a function 9 answers. I have this function:. I get error message that. replace is not a function but in other functions it works as it should. toString( ) in JavaScript is a proper way to work with numbers in stories like this. As you can see in specification there are no words about the type of value in HTTP headers. But, as far as I know, if you use additional libraries, you can pass only String as header value.

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    Error replace javascript

    And your answer is partly ing replace( ) : var hello = ' Hello World! ' ; alert( hello. ' ) ) ; If you want to replace all matchs in a string you can use this funct. replaceAll = function( search, replacement) { var target = this; return. うーんと、 スクリプトの一部しか載っていないので、 判断しかねます。 replaceの使い方 ですが、 replaceは文字列のメソッドです。 rowsが文字列なら問題ありませんが、 ここの コードから推察するに恐らく違うような気がします。 その他、 以下何点. getElementById( ' btn' ). addEventListener( ' click', function ( ) { var text = document. getElementById( ' text' ). value; text = text. replace( / [ A- Za- z0- 9] / g, function ( s) { return String.

    charCodeAt; } ) ; document. While the other answers work ( and are correct, numbers don' t have. replace( ), it' s a String method), I think an overall structure change is better, like this: $ ( " # plan_ table td[ class= ' week' ] " ). each( function( ) { cWeek = $ ( this). You should use toString( ) Method of java script for the convert into string before because replace method is a.