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Error reading information from xml string

You may find out that java used a different file. PS: not really relevant, but it' s better to use Double. valueOf( String) to convert the strings. a SOAP request is an XML Document which has an envelop and a body see example here SOAP Message Example on Wikipedia. See this thread for more information and a recommended client How to call a SOAP web service on Android. getResponse( ) ; return response; } private boolean sendSOAPimage( String strImg, File pFile) throws IOException, XmlPullParserException { boolean result. IOException: Error reading XML: caused by: An error occurred while parsing native data: The error message is: java. < data xsi: type= " xsd: string> hello< / data> < / my: echo> < soapenv: Body> < soapenv: Envelope> Here is an example error that may occur:. Please refer to the Recommended Updates page for delivery information: ibm. com/ support/ docview. rs= 180& uid= swg. This is your problem: tree = etree.

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  • Error reading information from xml string
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    Error information reading

    The documentation says that " source is a filename or file object containing XML data. " You have provided a string, so lxml is taking the text of your HTTP response body as the. I think you just are missing the name in your ID in the the mapping file. From mapping XML: < id name= " emailId" column= " email" / >. String XString = writer. If you still get this error, check code that unmarshalls the xml and input type you have used. If you' re able to control the xml file, try adding a bit more information to the beginning of the file:. You must ensure that the string object is valid during the call to ListView_ InsertItem. std: : string text( record. The const_ cast is an artifact of the fact that the Windows API uses the same structure to set and retrieve information. Error reading object from XML file Unable to load step info from XML step nodeorg. Try to isolate the problem by un- checking Accept filename from field checkbox and see whether it solves it or not.

    If it' s indeed the problem, then try to find another way to pass on the file name( s) to the input step until a fix is released. String replace return extra space in Java. Can you please try these steps listed below. Browse to your home directory [ C: \ users\ xxxx] > go to the. kettle folder [ C: \ users\ xxxx. kettle] > you should see a shared. Rename the shared. This error message is always caused by the invalid XML content in the beginning element. I was reading the file bytes and decoding the data as UTF- 8 ( not realizing the header in this file was utf- 16) to create a string.