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Java io ioexception error marshalling jaxb object of type

JAX- RS implementations automatically support marshalling/ unmarshalling of classes based on discoverable JAXB annotations, but because your payload is declared as Object, I think the created JAXBContext misses the Department class and when it' s time to. type) { return ( type. equals( Response. ctx : null) ; } }. I have the same problem and I solved it by adding package to explore to the Jaxb2marshaller. This exception occur when you are using JAXB to marshal a java object ( collection type) to xml format. The stack trace looks like this:. any JAXB annotations on it. Due to this JAXB is unable to parse any such java objects and raises this case anyone of you wants to write a list wrapper for lists containing elements of multiple classes and want to give an individual XmlElement name according to the Class type without Writing X Wrapper classes you could use. File; import java. IOException; import java.

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    Ioexception type java

    Demo import java. File; import javax. * ; public class Demo { public static void main( String[ ] args) throws Exception { JAXBContext jc = JAXBContext. createUnmarshaller( ) ; File xml = new File( " src/ forum16762200/ input. xml" ) ; XmlConf xmlConf = ( XmlConf) unmarshaller. unmarshal( xml) ; Marshaller marshaller = jc. yea, it worked, it was just something wrong in the object type i' m passing. i found an other solution to my problem based on the solution posted here. It' s worked for me and i think is the best solution to the mapping of object of type HashMap. ClassCastException: javax. I don' t understand this - as the class was generated by.

    Refer: when does JAXB unmarshaller. unmarshal returns a JAXBElement< MySchemaObject> or a MySchemaObject? createUnmarshaller( ) ; resultObject = clazz. unmarshal( queryResults) ) ; } / / Put your own error- handling here. catch( JAXBException e) { e. Since, apparently, an object of type JAXBElement is returned, you need to typecast its value instead. There was an element tag which was missing a / in it' s end tag e. < notAssessedReason> < notAssessedReason> should have been < notAssessedReason> < / notAssessedReason>. share| improve this answer. answered Mar 10 ' 14 at 15: 37. Looks like a mapping error: The response XML Document contains the sessionId element and the mapping of AuthenticationResponse type isn' t prepared for it. If you post the class ( including mapping annotations) we can help you more. package forum14193944; import java.

    public class Demo { public static void main( String[ ] args) throws Exception { JAXBContext jc = JAXBContext. Writer writer) throws IOException { writer. write( ac, i, j) ; } } ) ; marshaller. marshal( root, new OutputStreamWriter( System. CharacterEscapeHandler. 6 i can find that class but it is still giving error. This would marshal the object and return XML, if we pass a request to be marshaled as mentioned below. Alternatively you could specify the type of the property using the annotation:.