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Caused by java lang noclassdeffounderror groovy lang groovyobject

NoClassDefFoundError is one of the most common and difficult problems that you can face when developing Java EE enterprise or standalone Java applications. Creating self- contained, executable Jars with. Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject at java. Exception is: java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovySystem at org. main( GradleMain. java: 24) Caused by: java. findClass( URLClassLoader. java: 205) at java. Taking mod requests for simple. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy. Cannot execute Groovy apps on command line.

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    Caused lang lang

    referring to groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ classpath, for example, CLASSPATH environment and " - cp" option, won' t take affect if you are running an executable JAR. Please refer to this post for details: Does java - jar option alter classpath options. Referer URL: CannedScriptListener. defineClass1( Native Method). An issue I ran into was a version mismatch of Groovy. More specifically, it seemed that I was running a compiled groovy class under 2. 1 where it was compiled under 1. Changing the library included on the classpath to. Byte Buddy eagerly tries to load fields. 35 common frames omitted Caused by: java. GroovyObject at java. To have the groovy- all- 2. jar in the build path is not enough, it has to be in the WEB- INF/ lib folder of the webapp, or in the Tomcat' s lib folder, too. I' m having a problem getting groovy support jboss- seam- 2.

    NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ Script at java. ( SecureClassLoader. java: 123) at groovy. GroovyClassLoader. Exception thrown java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject at ConsoleScript6. run( ConsoleScript6: 1) Caused by: java. ClassNotFoundException: groovy. Combination of def keyword and closure gives the exception. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ Reference: GET index/ _ search { " script_ fields" : { " test_ script" : { " script" : { " inline" : " def. xml needs to be updated org. groovy groovy- all 2.

    5 com/ questions/ / java- lang- noclassdeffounderror- groovy- lang- groovyobject/ Thanks, Vikram. NoClassDefFoundError : groovy/ lang. Here is a MyClass. java file: import groovy. error occurs / / ClassDefFoundError when running marytts- server # 365. How to include dependencies for Groovy script? groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject;. I just get a " java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject". I am using ireports in java application. when i am compliling the jrxml file in jasper reports it was showing an exception. NoClassDefFoundError: org/ codehaus/ groovy/ control/ CompilationFailedException.

    NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang. BuildExceptionReporter] > groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject 18: 22. i try to run the unit test that in the package of org. groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject. NoClassDefFoundError:. thread “ main” java. groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject at java. Bad news - the file below partially fixes the problem by letting the tests run, but fails when packaging the build into a WAR. I can only presume there is a missing dependency in the grails or groovy sections. I' ve got a much simpler working. Got the following exception while executing a java class in a command shelll Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObj ect at java. Help with custom iReports in Fishbowl Inventory.

    oovy- user] GroovyFx project build jar file is not running. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject. Added Rest Assured via Gradle using this: testCompile ' io. rest- assured: rest- assured: 3. 2' tried a simple get to a Rest call and stored the response as a JSON. Got the error in the title: java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ Groov. java: 74) Caused by:. LOGBACK- 345] " java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject" after modiying logback.

    xml during runtime - QOS. ClassNotFoundException: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject. We can recommend more relevant solutions and speed up debugging when you paste your entire stack trace with the exception message. NoClassDefFoundError: org/ apache/ http/ client/ methods/ HttpRequestBase. The stack trace is: java. defineClass1( Native Method) at java. 27 more Caused by: org. Hi, When I use OAuth 1. 0 for automating and make any call I am getting the following error. I think, the class that is being used is no more available. NoClassDefFoundError: com/ github/ scribejava/ ClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject Caused by: java.