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Runtime error 424 option button

I need to enter information into several fields in a form and click on a few radio buttons. I' ve identified the object IDs for all the fields I need to n time error 424 Object Required working with UserForm · excel vba excel- vba excel- userform. I create a blank userform and add three text boxes and a spin button to it: txtRowNumber holds the row number that the. Everything worked fine and dandy until out of the blue, I received the 424 Error code when I tried to run my Userform after. the userform is called out correctly, deleted and recreated the button half a dozen times, renamed and recalled out the. 上のコードでは、 バリアント型で宣言した変数Targetに、 セルA1を格納しています。 いや 、 しているつもりです。 その後、 オブジェクト( ここではセルA1) が格納されたオブジェクト 変数としてValueプロパティを操作していますが、 そこでエラーになります。 オブジェクトを. Go to Tools - Options - General in the VBE and change Error Trapping to Break in Class Module. There is an error in the userform' s Initialize event, but the VBE isn' t set to break in the userform' s class module so it breaks on. I added notes on using error handlers to help single out which loop your getting the error from. It turned out that I was setting the range with just = and not using set.

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    Button option error

    I didn' t think anything about. As noted in the comments to your question, since your button is a Form button, I suspect that the macro that is assigned to it is not correct or not able to be accessed. If you are trying to run btnStart_ Click( ) from your Form. You probably need to reference where the option buttons are, i. Dim Shp1 As Shape Dim Shp2 As Shape Dim Res As Integer ' Retuns the result On Error Resume Next Set Shp1 = Worksheets( " sheet1" ). So what you need is OptionButtons ( ActiveX controls) - make sure they have the same GroupName, and you' ll get the exact same behavior you' re trying to achieve, without writing a single line of code: option buttons ( seems to me that this is what you want: Sub CheckBox1_ Click( ) Dim xRng As Range Set xRng = Selection If Worksheets( " Sheet2" ). CheckBoxes( " Check Box 1" ). Value = 1 Then xRng. Color = vbGreen Else xRng.