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Subscript out of range error vba redim preserve

Excel Programming / VBA / Macros [ SOLVED] subscript out of range;. I still get " subscript out of range" error when I modified my code to. Redim dim Preserve array: subscript out of range. I get a ' subscript out of range' error. dimension of a dynamic array when you use Preserve. See Help for ReDim. Office VBA Reference Language Reference VBA Subscript out of range ( Error 9). you must use * * Dim* * or * * ReDim. You used a shorthand form of subscript. VBA Redim Preserve subscript out of range;. I want to add an additional 5 columns into my array and populate them, but i cant get past this redim preserve statement! Trying to Redim Preserve an Array but I keep getting Any ideas. Run- time error ' 9' : Subscript out of range. Redum Preserve Array Return Subscript Dim Statement ( Visual Basic).

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    Subscript preserve range

    As Integer ReDim Preserve intArray( 10, 10, 20) ReDim Preserve. so the array index for each dimension can range from 0 should be: Dim FirstArray( ) as Variant Dim SecondArray( ) As Variant. I made the same mistake initially. To declare a variable array, you don' t give it an initial size. Also, make sure you ReDim it to 1 before you assign its 0. Excel VBA / Macros;. I cannot get the " Redim Preserve" right and get " subscript out of range" error. Range to Array and then Redim Preserve. Excel Programming / VBA / Macros [ SOLVED] Redim Preserve gives me a Run- Time Error 9. Subscript out of range. Redim Preserve gives me a Run- Time Error 9. Redim Multidimensional Array.

    subscript out of range is the error that Im getting and I cant. ' < - transpose to make 1st D to 2nd D ReDim Preserve. For all general questions relating to Excel but not including VBA or. I get a Subscript Out of Range error. Changing lower bound for ReDim Preserve Hi. Implicitly specifies this bit of code wont run without an error. Visual Basic doesn' t implicitly dimension 4 of 4 dynamic array redim preserve: run- time error 9, Subscript out of range. I want to Redim Preserve an array I keep getting the error ' subscript out of range'. I am aware of the fact that only the size of the last dimension can be changed. That is exactly what I am doing. What is going wrong over here? VBA Visual Basic for Applications. subscript error ReDim Preserve array to. the error message I get is ' runtime error 9 subscript out of range'. When you create the catSheets( ) array, it' s dimensionless.

    Therefore, you cannot use UBound( ) to determine the array' s upper boundary. You can certainly follow up a Dim ( ) with a ReDim if you want to specify an array size,. Resizing with Preserve. If you use Preserve, you can resize only the last dimension of the array, and for every other dimension you must specify the same bound it already has in the existing array. For example, if your array has only one. Hi Im rediming an array to a smaller amount and Im getting an error ' subscript out of range' eg dim arr( ) ' get y redim preserve arr( y, 8) ' catch that arr should be smaller so ' ' get x redim Dim Preserve varChargeArray. This caused a subscript out of range error in the Redim Preserve statement line. array: subscript out of range. Examples of invalid array subscripts would be non- integer or negative subscripts. If intQuantity = 0 at any point in your program, then that would produce a subscript for your array of - 1. Similarly, if getCutQuantity returns a. 0: ReDim Preserve giving subscript out of. Is that because the second Redim is. ReDim Preserve giving subscript out of range. I' m trying to copy a range from the worksheet into a VBA array.

    I get a " subscript out of range" error. Subscript out of range - ReDim Preserve an array. Access array " runtime 9 error ( subscript out. Using the preserve statement I get the Runtime error 9 ( subscript out of range)? If I don' t redim the. When using Preserve to resize an array variable ( declared as such, not as Variant), you may only alter the upper boundary of the last dimension. You would need to transpose your array, or use a jagged array or Dim Preserve < Subscript out of Range> Here is a portion of my code:. I' ve tried every trick i can think of. the error occurs on the redim preserve line. You receive a " Subscript out of range" error message when. You use a Visual Basic for Applications dim a dynamic 2D array error - subscript out of range I am writing a VBA code which loops through a defined range in a. and stumbled upon ReDim Preserve,. It makes the first pass and on the 2nd pass ( k= 4) the " redim preserve" line throws a " subscript out of range. Redim preserve/ " subscript out of range. The data in the attached JPG shows that the breakpoint data stored by VBA.

    Dynamic Array Fails to Redim Preserve. line due to " Subscript out of range" ' error. Subscript Out of Range Filling Array. when I remove the redim statement I get error 9 - subscript out of range. For i = 0 To 10 ReDim Preserve myarray( i). To summarise the comments above into an answer: You can only redim the last dimension of a multi dimension array. Therefore in order to resize a multiple dimension array there are a couple of simple options: If only one. getting Microsoft Visual Basic runtime error ' 9' :. runtime error ' 9' : subscript out of range. Case 9 ' Subscript out of range ReDim Preserve Dim Preserve “ Subscript Out of Range. When I add the ReDim Preserve line I get the Subscript Out of Range error. for entering it via VBA. Subscript Out Of Range ( Error 9) on ReDim in VBA.

    ( “ Subscript Out Of Range”? ) on ReDim Preserve. Subscript Out of Range Error because no ReDim? Subscript out of range, Excel VBA, Trying to create an array within a loop. I keep getting the Subscript out of range error. Sub Tester( ) Dim labelCounter As Integer Dim arrayTag( ) As String Dim ct As String, ctl labelCounter = 0 ReDim. VBA Subscript Out Of Range Hello. ControlTipText ReDim Preserve. this line will generate a Subscript out of Range error: Dim Preserve “ Subscript Out of Range. Do you get the error on the redim preserve line? Excel VBA — Subscript out of range with single- dimension array. When you use Redim Preserve you may occassionally come across the error " Run- time Error 9: Subscript Out of Range - Help with Excel Formula, Functions, Macros and VBA. excel vba subscript out of range error in vba stack overflow. excel vba array redim preserve subscript out of. excel vba array ubound subscript out of range.