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Java compile error unreachable statement

the following statement results in a compile- time error:. ( which raises a compiler error at all unreachable code. unreachable statement. erroneous ' unreachable code' warning in a throw statement? Unreachable code error for exception. While studying for my OCA one subject that comes back every time is unreachable statements. Java will not compile the code if there are unreachable st. i dunno, whats the point of adding the unreachable statements to the compiler if they dont work sometimes. we have that program: [ code] public abstr. Many a time when I' m debugging I feel quite lazy and often want to stop execution of code within a method before that method actually ends. The naive solution is to put in a return statement or throw an exception at the point where you want to stop running your code.

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    Error unreachable compile

    I am trying to work on a do while statement but I' m getting an unreachable statement error when running the compiler. where did I go wrong with my co. statement not reached error in. why the compiler throws error why doesnt it skip the first while as it evaluates to false n. unreachable statement error. pile error messages: Error 1: Throw01. java: 16: unreachable statement System. println( " More statements. Join the DZone community and get the full member. Read the discussion of how to fix unreachable statement Java software error.

    / / compiler error:. Unreachable Statements. A Java compiler is encouraged. It is a compile- time error if a statement cannot be executed because it is unreachable. Tricking the Java compiler into allowing unreachable statements in code. the Java compiler detects this and you get a compiler unreachable statement ad code and unreachable code in java. second print statement is unreachable, so compiler will complain. reported error, and if you will compile above. How do you fix unreachable statements in Java. you will not get aUnreachable statement error. This is a basic programming problem that the Java compiler.

    The " conservative flow analysis" used to detect unreachable statements is defined in Java. statement results in a compile- time error:. unreachable pile- time error " unreachable statement. kapt\ debug\ io\ realm\ MyDiaryModuleMediator. java: 130: error: unreachable statement. same compile- time error. Applying the Clang compiler. Java) some forms of unreachable code. constant folding and simple flow analysis shows that the inside of the if- statement. unreachable statement try { error. But im getting the following error, when i try to compile the file: E: \ server2. java: 86: unreachable statement.

    Does it mean that compiler checks whether it is able to compile for all branches/ lines of code? Yes compiler compiles the whole body of code and make byte code according to your code, it smarter enough to detects unreachable code also dead code. Java error unreachable statement. cannot read Java error class Get Current Thread Java error missing return statement. Compiling 1 source file to / home/ girish. But still I don' t understand why a compile time error is thrown. I am getting " unreachable statement" compile error. Why does Java have an “ pile Error Using HashMap. Compile Error In Hello Java Program Dec 23,. I get the compile error: Unreachable statement. Questions: I often find when debugging a program it is convenient, ( although arguably bad practice) to insert a return statement inside a block of code. I might try something like this in Java.

    class Test { public static void main( String args[ ] ) { System. println( " hello world" ) ; return; System. println( " i think this line might cause a. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. What is dead code? Mansukhdeep Thind. any statement written after that is unreachable and the compiler complains. is a compiler error,. We' ve rounded up 50 of the most common Java software errors,. Compiler error messages are.

    to fix unreachable statement Java software error. Every statement in any java program must be reachable i. e every statement must be executable at least once in any one of the possible flows. If any code can not be executable in any of the possible flows, then it is called unreachable code. Unreachable code in java is a compile time error. A Java compiler is neither required nor. It is a compile- time error if a statement cannot be executed because it. This is an interesting puzzle to test our understanding on java compiler. What happens when we compile below code blocks? CODE A results in above compilation error and the reason is also clearly given as ‘ unreachable statement’. We have a return followed by first system. println and after. Many times we encounter the compiler error in Java program which points to some statement saying ‘ Unreachable statement’. This is a type of error which is basically observed on the statements following ‘ return’ or ‘ break’ or ‘ continue’ pile time error messages : Java Glossary *.