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Sql error data truncation out of range value for column

Double( totalsize, decimal), size is the number of characters. Since your field length is small, the input overflows. Update your table to fix this. You must have to increase the size of the primary key value. On run time you are entering the value is not under the limitations of INT( 10). You must increase the size of primary field that is int in your case. You column Quality DOUBLE( 1, 1) can take input only 1 | 2 | 3. Update your table to fix. getTime( ) in java returns milli- seconds, and they do not fit in int type in mysql. Use seconds: new Date( ) / 1000. Note: from_ unixtime( ) etc.

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    Column error value

    methods in mysql works with seconds so that' s the way to go regardless of this. MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Out of range value for column ' agentID' at row 4. In store procedure, I am using temporary table, agentID int( 11) and inserting this value in agentID field, is working with. In my tests both MySQL 5. 6 the error occurs. Hi Rekha, The error message pretty much spells it out - you attempted to insert a value into a column whose definition means it cannot store the data with full precision. Examples of this include: * a negative number in sert a value into a table. When I insert, I get this exception: com. MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Out of range value for column ' idPxxx' at row 1. Only 5% of inserts produces this exception, others work. What does the error. Well you can make it ignore the error by doing an INSERT IGNORE which will just truncate the data and insert it anyway.

    existing UNIQUE index or PRIMARY KEY value in the table causes a duplicate- key error and the statement is aborted. It sounds to me like you are trying to put too many bytes into a column. MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Out of range value for column ' column' at row 1. How to import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL? You appear to have misunderstood how defining a DECIMAL ( or potentially NUMERIC ) column works in SQL - Specifically, when defining the column as DECIMAL( x, y), x is the total number of digits the column will store, and.