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Python runtimeerror threads can only be started once

See here: python. org/ 2/ library/ threading. It must be called at most once per thread object. This method will raise a RuntimeError if called more than once on the same thread object. A thread isn' t intended to run more than once. You can either create the restart thread every time you need it if response! = 0: print " bad" restart_ thread = restart( ) restart_ thread. start( ) restart_ thread. or use Events class restart_ thread( threading. The documentation for Threading.

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    Once python started

    Thread ( of which Timer is a subclass) states: start( ) Start the thread' s activity. It arranges for the object' s run( ) method to be invoked in a. And then I get this ' threads can only be started once', error in WebSocketPlugin, when it called start, I have added a condition there to just make it work for now,. Also, which versions of Python/ CP/ ws4py are you running? As the error says, a thread can only be started once. So, create a new thread instead. Notice also that I use join to wait for the old thread to stop. import itertools import threading import time import sys # here is the animation def. You are calling getresults twice, and both times, they reference the same global threads list. This means, that when you call getresults for the first time, threads are started. When you call them for the second time, the previous.

    _ _ kwargs) File " / home/ freedom/ work/ app/ sem/ testvivo. py", line 28, in test3 item_ thread. start( ) File " / usr/ lib/ python2. py", line 730, in start raise RuntimeError( " threads can only be started once" ) RuntimeError: erate a new thread for each connection: class BootchatServer( object) : def _ _ init_ _ ( self) : self. listener = socket. AF_ INET, socket. SOCK_ STREAM ) self. bind( ( ' ', self. Timer inherits threading. Thread object is not reusable.

    You can create Timer instance for each call. start( ) def hello( ) : print " hello " a= RepeatableTimer( 3, hello, ( ) ) a. line 2, in < module> File " c: \ Python34\ lib\ threading. py", line 847, in start raise RuntimeError( " threads can only be started once" ). You can even trivially wrap a thread function to restart itself on exception or return:. When a thread finished, its stack is dead; its parent is flagged or signaled; once it' s joined, its resources are destroyed. If you really don' t want to handle the exceptions internally, just store the construction arguments and use them to start a new thread.